Ode to Over-the-Counter, Legal Anti-Cold Drugs

my head is a cloud

somehow it floats low enough to sit atop my neck

i am drinking overpriced UK sparking water

despite it's blatant rape of my bank account, it is cool and soothing

i am on dayquil.


last night i turned and turned and turned and tossed for around 4 hours. 2am-6am, approx. i am usually a hit-the-bed-out-instantaneously kind of person, but i think caffeine turned on me. it did not make me beautiful. it made me drowsy all day today. i think i consumed ~5 cups yesterday throughout the day, topping my last cup off with 2 pieces of See's candy. peppermint tea treated me better today. my tolerance for high levels of caffeine consumption has weakened considerably over the last year. tragic.

i have my first screening? interview? i don't know what they're called, but my first jaunt at attempting to find employment at a staffing company tomorrow. i'll probably regret writing this later as i'm sure it will amount to no secured bi-monthly source of income. ho!


poetry, perhaps? or some other sort of ramblings. it's all the same to me.

Moving is a Death Sentence For Your Cell Phone

you shouldn't wonder why your phone never rings anymore

you shut it off well before going to bed

only to be met with cryptic text messages in the morning

and no idea when they were actually sent

i hate you, verizon


i've been selling some things on amazon

it's amazing how much people will pay

for things i've barely used

a map, book on cd, a yoga book

amazon.com is softening my unemployment blow


i don't know if i believe in the validity of the title of this blog, but it's a nice thought. a former co-worker of mine assured me that it's true, that it is a famous German saying. and who's to argue with them? i have always drank my coffee despite its inevitable drop in temperature. unless it happens to be Folgers, in which case, by that point it has truly lost its ability to be swallowed.

this is new. if you read this, you make me smile. you may not see me whilst smiling, but i promise you its happening.