oh yes.
if i ever own my own vegan bakery, that will definitely be up on the wall.


currently lusting after

visuals of things i'm dying to have/do/have time to do...

camping! hence the smore-making from a few posts ago. i haven't been in years, haven't been with rick, and have never been here...

so clearly this needs to happen. especially before fall sets in and my dreams of outdoor adventure die along with the summertime.

this one needs no explanation, but i'll give it to you anyway. i'm actually in need of a new phone right now. we justify this purchase by the fact that we travel so much and an iphone is just infinitely more convenient to pull out to look for local resaturants/record stores/bookstores than a laptop.

and tickets to see these dudes

(aka, My Bloody Valentine)

in LA, specifically. when will this tour happen again?! i don't know, and that's why i can't take the chance on missing it. fate is so, so cruel.

ryan adams/oasis @ the wamu theater on tuesday was brilliant in a way. the booking agent that thought of bringing together the two very distinct, vainglorious personalities of liam gallagher and ryan adams deserves some sort of creativity medal for his/her genius. ryan adams was sounding excellent, and the cardinals' harmonies rounded out their set nicely. seeing oasis basically equated to one of my biggest junior high dreams come true. the 11-year-old Dawn inside screamed at the top of her lungs numerous times. i left that show quite content.

saturday = bumbershoot to see lucinda williams, neko case, m.ward, and pwrfl power. i've never seen neko or lucinda, so i am quite stoked. i've also never been to bumbershoot, so hooray for seattle rites of passage! everyone have fun celebrating labor day, particularly those who actually labor during their days.



The 2nd best thing to come out of New Zealand...

since Flight of the Conchords, of course.


Vegan marshmallow making kits! Genius! Why hasn't someone in the US already gotten on this? Marshmallows, (and thus, sadly, smores) are probably the last food item I have yet to find/make a delicious vegan substitute for. I hear rumors that co-ops/Whole Foods/other natural foods stores carry them, but they're always sold out. At Food Fight! in Portland, they even had a sign specifically letting shoppers know that no, they don't have any vegan marshmallows in. I am so stoked to get this, and have a massive smoresfest.

Rick and I have moved onto watching Freaks & Geeks in the time when he's not editing, and I'm not job-hunting/interviewing. I can't believe I'd never seen this show before, because it is so up my alley. Like a sort of updated Wonder Years, minus the inner dialogue and with sassier characters and even more awkward situations. The writing and actors are truly what seem to make the show work well, and I can't get enough of the painful teenage drama scenes that make me so thankful to be out of high school. Judd Apatow = genius.