excellent, marvelous developments

1) employment, in the realm of books, no less.

2) being blown away by The Boss this past Saturday at Key Arena. good gracious.

3) finally, the apartment to ourselves.


all that i want right now is a picnic by a large body of water, at like 2 in the morning, with a bonfire, essentials to make vegan smores, people to consume smores with and talk about how fucking cold we are because we're having a bonfire in "spring" in Washington state, and the guitar that's in my lap now, so i can wow everyone with the jam i just taught myself - "blonde on blonde" by nada surf. that's all.

sounds so good.


It seems like I was here not so long ago...

That's because I was. Was chugging/popping dayquil a few months ago. Now it's back. I hate winter. Incessant illness, snow, and lack of visible sun are the three main culprits. Summer is too filled with wonderful things and adventures to let something silly like a cold get in the way.

No more odes to dayquil now.

No more sleep either, because it seems that that's all sick days are good for.

I received my first rejection letter from an online publisher last month. I printed it out and want to post it and all future rejection letters on the fridge. I am not ashamed, I want everyone to see. They will remind me of 'where I came from' and also of 'where I am going,' I think. We shall see, but I'm already behind as I didn't send any out for February. Double up, March.

PS - Dead Poets Society is a brilliant film. I don't know what held me back for so long.