It seems like I was here not so long ago...

That's because I was. Was chugging/popping dayquil a few months ago. Now it's back. I hate winter. Incessant illness, snow, and lack of visible sun are the three main culprits. Summer is too filled with wonderful things and adventures to let something silly like a cold get in the way.

No more odes to dayquil now.

No more sleep either, because it seems that that's all sick days are good for.

I received my first rejection letter from an online publisher last month. I printed it out and want to post it and all future rejection letters on the fridge. I am not ashamed, I want everyone to see. They will remind me of 'where I came from' and also of 'where I am going,' I think. We shall see, but I'm already behind as I didn't send any out for February. Double up, March.

PS - Dead Poets Society is a brilliant film. I don't know what held me back for so long.

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