so, it's now june. this shit's been neglected.

i so badly want to talk about the sex and the city movie, but i feel like i can't write anything about it without mentioning the whole boom mic debacle that apparently went on in it, which i, of course, had not noticed. gah. i could save a full review for later, but suffice it to say, the film was enjoyable. too much product advertisement [obviously], a bit too much lame humor, and a terrible soundtrack aside, it was definitely worth seeing for the hardcore fan. i think i NEED to see it again though, just to see if i'm straight-up blind, or if some people are exaggerating and/or wrong?

other pertinent news: i quit my job yesterday! the one i was so enthusiastic about in the beginning, the in the "realm of books" one. yeah. i'm done.
it's not that the place itself was terrible. it's more of what i did, or what i didn't get to do, and some of the people i worked with that killed it for me. i thought about it long, and hard, probably for a good month. but i knew after the first week there i didn't want to be there for long. i just realized that it wasn't a place i'd want to be, even if they gave me a better position. i want to be writing the books, not selling them. so i gave my notice, and breathed a sigh of relief.

this undoubtedly means that i'm back on the unemployed train, but i'm not too worried right now. i'm going to be production assistant-ing it on the boy's feature length film for june/july, and also applied to be a freelance writer for a local weekly. i really pray that works out, because if it does, it's hopefully my ticket into the freelance arena. and i'd really like to see my name in print again.

all kinds of change occurring. just the way i like it.

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