Snowpocalypse 2k8 - Tacoma edition

Okay. So snow is kinda winning me over on days when one of the following apply: a) a weekend, b) an official "Snow Day," or c) a weekday in which I can now "telecommute" in lieu of going to work. Snowballs never seem to get old, snowmen will always make me laugh/point, and everything just looks cooler covered in it, especially Hilltop. But on a day when I have to trek out to Lakewood or, you know, get anything done that cannot be completed indoors, it fills me with hate and fear, hateful fear. Growing up I probably imagined that I'd be able to go through life without ever having to drive in the snow - but those childlike dreams died a couple of winters ago when I had to drive to get a paycheck from a coffee shop I worked at, and make it down an insanely steep hill. If a friend from the East Coast hadn't been in the car with me at the time, I'm sure my car would've spun into a mailbox or an electrical poll. I've gotten the jist of what to do down now, but it makes me no less fearful, friends. Even if I'm a safe, overly cautious snow driver, I can't say the same for all the other idiots out there, tailing me, or trying to drive ahead of snow plows.

I'm coming to realize the best jobs out there are the ones that a) pay you when you can't come to work/fear for your life due to "inclement weather" or b) the ones that let you work from home. I want the slushy snow to end, so that my family/friends can drive free of worry! That, or let it snow so hard that all institutions will close down for a week, allowing all to bask in the glory that is constant sledding, snowballing, and hot cocoa. What'll it be, vengeful snow gods?!?

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