End Serenading

So it is now 2009, and I promise not to quote Death Cab for Cutie lyrics to you.

Generally, no matter what year it is, towards the end of it, people are always so eager for it to go away and for a new one to start. A desire for change combined with awful feelings towards crippling events and overall lackluster times would be a suitable equation for this. Some years I've agreed with this notion, but 2008 was pretty grand all over for me, so I wasn't in a particular hurry for it to move on. Nonetheless, I heart change and dynamism, and am stoked to see what 2009's got up its sleeves.

To revert slightly, here mostly for my own memory, is a sliver of 2008's awesomeness:
-Moved in w/Rick (Okay, technically end of '07, but I'll count it because it's now been a YEAR since I've lived in Tacoma)
-Worked in a bookstore (Not the best experience, but I'll count it because it was on my list of things to do in life)
-Visited Portland at least 3 times! Vegan/bibliophile heaven
-Visited CA w/Rick + introduced him to CA friends + crazy family
-Went to the original Largo site + met Jon Brion/Benmont Tench! (still get goosebumps)
-Loads of awesome art exhibits
-Got back on the reading train
-Balls Crazy was born
-Helped Rick make the illustrious Bestsellers by working the PA/boom-mic operator/extra positions - such an amazing reason to become unemployed
-Got a stable job with a boss and co-workers that I do not hate!
-Started freelancing at the Weekly (hoorah!)
-Cooked/baked for my first ever all-vegan Thanksgiving w/Rick's fam
-Paid off my credit card debt!!!
-Rick and I discovering the glory of homemade vegan nachos sans cheese
-Didn't die in the Snowpocalypse, and actually enjoyed it for a bit
-Figured out the subject of my book, and wrote 1/4 of the notes for it

So yes, even though a good amount of the world was undergoing a traumatic economic downturn, I somehow managed to come out on top financially and generally over the year, and will remember 2008 quite fondly.

And I expect even greater things in 2009, especially in light of the Obama administration.

And to continue the goodness, I leave with you images of a papercut/painting artist I'm currently fascinated with, who was on the cover of Giant Robot Issue 55:

Saelee Oh

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