Sleep-deprived, travel-thirsty

Work as of late has been unnecessarily stressful. I know that I have a tendency to worry constantly about things that will usually take care of themselves/wrap themselves up neatly in a bow, but I know I'm not the only one feeling it now.

It breaks down like this:
Economy + looming mysterious budget cuts (5%? 10%? 12%? Ohs noez!) + the fact that schools are largely state-funded = everyone somehow employed in community colleges losing their shit.

But when I really stop and think about it, I don't care all that much. I'm not attending school anymore, (thank God, because this would be a terrible time to do it) and I'm not a part-time instructor, so my job isn't immediately at risk. So why am I worrying/stressing then? Well, because part of my job is to prepare for these cuts in my division with a budget. I hate numbers already, and am taking on a system worked by the same woman for like 17 years, and I've never handled this much money for anyone/organization. It's just a ton of pressure, and we were only given a week and a half to work on it. How am I dealing with it? Putting it off til next week. I figure it's better to just put it off and not stress about it now, and then just focus all my effort on it next week when it matters. Usually I end up doing this after stressing, and everything works out, so I thought I'd avoid the temporary raise in blood pressure for a bit. I like not caring way better than caring.

Rick and I visited my friend Aly in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and that was rad. Very spontaneous, but something I was totally up for doing. We helped her move out of her old apartment/relationship and into a sweet house in the not-yet-completely-gentrified neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. It was lovely to see and hang with her, visit Boston again without being rushed around, experience efficient public transport, and of course, hit up as many vegan joints as humanly possible. I think my legs/nose froze during a day of exploration near BU, but other than that and Rick's sinus headache from hell, it was all around, East Coast good times.

Lastly, because my Obama fascination/love will not die, I leave you with these:

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That cat was part of an organization called "Pussy For Palin in 2012!"

It had it comin'.