Jumping on this Tuesday Thoughts train on Wednesday...

because I can.

1. I hate being sick. Not just because being sick is annoying and impedes upon life as normal, but really just because I rarely get sick. I'm sure it also makes me a delight to my co-workers sitting in close quarters, hearing me hack all day.

2. I've inadvertently turned against the title of this blog, and have rarely been drinking coffee lately. Blame the illness, but tea's all I want right now.

3. I really really need to finish reading Watchmen, and this is an example of my taking an embarrassingly long time to finish something. But I have to now, because Rick got tickets for the movie in IMAX!

4. Fleetwood Mac at the Tacoma Dome, you say? Hell yes!

5. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding later this month. That is as weird as it sounds, and I have no idea what that really entails, but I get to wear a pretty green dress for it, and it's in San Diego. She's happy, so I'm happy.

6. As it turns out, I can write something out of nothing better than I thought.

7. Coraline was so awesome. I'm glad I didn't read anything about it beforehand. It made me smile and giggle a lot throughout.

8. I want to bake up some cupcakes with my brand spanking new, waited long enough for, but finally did get (thanks to Rick!) Vegan Cupcakes Will Take Over the World book, but usually just end up napping instead.

9. I'm convinced copious amounts of sleep will end this cold.

10. I'm on the fence about the new M. Ward album right now, but that's because I've only listened to it once through. And everyone who knows me well knows that I judge harshly by first impressions, (and quickly admit defeat when I realize someone/something is awesome). I hope it's better than I think it is.


bridget said...

awww feel better. PS - i liked your use of the word "intrepid" in your most recent review

Anonymous said...

The new M. Ward will win you over eventually, I promise.

And yeah... finish Watchmen already! Just cuz' I want to discuss it with you already.