Sarah Palin is an idiot, and other tales

This made me want to simultaneously faceplant and pull my hair out.
I sincerely don't understand people when they say that she is a prime candidate to help facilitate the running of our country.

In better news,
I got a job! At a college nearby, in the Arts & Humanities Department. It will be challenging and not at all boring because it seems like different things pop up each day, and I am so happy for that. I've had a slew of jobs that thrive on repetition and routine and it's not my thing. I like dynamism and development and newness. So hooray for that, and I start on Monday.

Also, Rick and I went to the Puyallup Fair on the second to the last day and had an awesome time. We went last year and I didn't want to miss going this year. Went on lots of rides, took photobooth pictures (still need to scan) and of course, people-watched. It's definitely not a display of America's finest, but it is inevitably entertaining nonetheless.

We saw Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds earlier this week at Showbox SODO, and I was completely blown away. I guess he hadn't toured the states in 6 or so years, so the venue was packed and his performance was ridiculous. He has more energy than about 95% of the musicians I've seen in my life, and literally screams every syllable of his songs. His backing band was very much worthy of supporting such an act, decked out in tailored suits with massive beards and gaudy jewelry. I've appreciated their music since Rick introduced me to them, but now I really am awestruck by their performance and way more admirable of their work.

Yesterday, Rick, some HPB people, Riley and I went to the Pacific Science Center (I'd never been), Easy Street, and Roti. The Pacific Science Center was SO awesome! Science! Butterflies! Planetarium! I can't believe I hadn't visited before. It was quite the enjoyable time walking through all the exhibits and playing with the interactive ones.

Since today's my last real weekday before working, I'm trying to get a bunch of errands done that I would most likely not have time to do working 40 hours. So off to finish those. Don't forget to watch the debates tonight!

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