Wonder drink or foe? You decide.

Has anyone tried Kombucha yet?

The first time I was introduced to Kombucha my friend Grin was drinking it at Bauhaus (why when there's such awesome coffee there, I have no idea) and hyping it up. She is generally crazy so I thought "this stuff must be terrible!" and stayed away from it for a while. But I've been reading tales of its triumphs all over the vegan blogs so I thought I might try it today. It's technical title is "probiotic health tea" and we ladies know how amazing probiotics are. It apparently helps with digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite and weight control, liver function (what up alkies!), anti-aging, cell integrity (?), and healthy skin & hair.

Hmmm. That pretty much sounds like it takes care of everything, doesn't it?
I'm generally skeptical of most things, but this sounds like the wonder pill in a bottle, which makes me incredibly skeptical because there's no such thing!

Probably one of my favorite things about it is the fact that it's raw/organic, so there are little strands of "culture" sitting at the bottom. Mmm.

The label also has a special note on the side, informing those imbibing in the product that there may be a trace amount of alcohol in it due to fermentation. Healthy and alcoholic? These people clearly don't have the right marketers on their side.

Verdict? It tasted very much like red wine to me, which is a win because I love wine. The flavor I got was "passionberry bliss" and I don't know what passionberries taste like but this is pretty nom.

I'm trying to gauge its effects after only drinking it a half an hour ago. It's supposed to give sustained energy and can replace coffee or energy drinks. I just kinda feel like I'm in a daze...like I had a glass of wine. Shrug.

I'm intrigued enough to keep trying them, and see if there are any differences in how I feel/if they could actually replace a stimulant like coffee. I would never let it because I love coffee, but I'm curious nonetheless. If anyone else has tried it let me know what you think.

PS - I promise they didn't pay me to do this half-hearted review. I'm just genuinely curious about such seemingly wonderous things.

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josh p said...

I have to admit, I have in the past been briefly addicted to the blueberry/ginger flavor... I think it's great stuff! And I swear, for a couple hours after drinking it the world seems lighter and colors seem brighter. Maybe that's the slight alcohol, but I like to think it's the distilled liquid magic.